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Every child will go through difficult times but those events do not have to lead to a mental health crisis. We can teach the tools we wish we had when we were struggling, that can reduce the risks of mental illness. If you knew that nearly half of all children 13-18 have high levels of chronic stress and you also saw the results I have seen to shift the balance and help kids stabilize then you would also see the solution is to teach in advance to promote positive mental health before a crisis or before the next crisis for others. 

HALF of all mental health issues arise before age 14 yet aren't addressed for 8-10 years!

This program gets the tools concretely into the hands of those who can make a change NOW to prevent suicide, bullying, school shootings, isolation, anxiety, depression, school drop out, drug use, risky behavior, incarceration and more.

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This program provides bite sized lessons using a 5-Element Model systemically and functionally designed to decrease mental health risks, build resilience and improve achievement. This program can be interwoven into ANY setting, regardless of approach. The lessons were created using evidence-based practices and the latest research giving you real outcomes in addition to the experience of a healthier, calmer environment.

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Expected Outcome


We expect that our carefully crafted approach to mental health education will improve academic success, build resilience, decrease mental health risks and improve overall well-being. 

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Research Based Need


Studies show that implementation of a mental health promotion and prevention program reduces problematic behaviors and improves emotional regulation and academic outcomes.

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