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The Story

"My mission in life is not to accept problems as they are, but to look at it from another angle; listen wholeheartedly and level the playing field with genuine excitement for change."

- Nadine Wilches, LCSW

Therapist, Behaviorist, Previous Head of School, Trauma Specialist

Over the past 15 years, I have supported children and families in both urban and suburban areas, privileged and underprivileged communities, in homes, schools, foster care, a domestic violence center and as a private therapist. The problems debunked all biases and the strategies I found effective, worked across the board because it wasn't focused on resolving one problem. It was teaching them the power of their environment, bodies, mind, communication and group interaction, which became the 5-elements model for each unit. The result is a decrease in negative behaviors; increased resilience, focus and engagement; improved physical wellness and better mood. Academics rise, teacher burnout drops and the entire culture of the school shifts.

This coupled with today's high rates of suicide, school shootings, depression, anxiety, drug use and other negative impacts of mental health on children, I felt extremely compelled to create something tangible and meaningful that would have a large impact. Parents, and educators are most equipped for this, but as a previous Head of School, I know the constraints of time, money and program limitations that restrict the implementation of even the best new programs. Mind the Class was created with that knowledge at the forefront. It was designed systemically beyond the classroom, data-driven to measure results, trauma-informed and culturally competent, and fully packaged with engaging lessons, handouts, and video tutorials. I'm looking forward to being a member of your team as you eliminate the number 1 barrier to achievement and that is by teaching them healthy ways to care for their emotional health.

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Emotional health lessons that will get children learning about how to regulate their deep emotions, cope, remain calm, interact and build healthy relationships as well as a healthy lifestyle.

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Materials and tutorials are sent to your inbox and additional content is delivered for free online. Subscription plans provide you with monthly lessons that build upon each other for the best approach.

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Max potential relies on mental wellness. Our purpose is driven by four goals:

1. Build Resiliency  2. Increase Emotional-Intelligence  3. Improve Well-being  4. Decrease Risky Behavior

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