Eliminating the barrier to achievement

emotionally healthy children succeed

An online library of bite-sized lessons and hands-on activities using the latest research to decrease mental health risks with measurable results.

The Program Model
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Increases Achievement

More graduates, better test scores, increased effort, higher engagement, less resistance...

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Decreases Bullying

Increased compassion and empathy, improved confidence, better self-advocacy skills, reduced fears...

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Improves  Behavior

Resilience, better relationships, improved communication, decreased substance use, lower incarceration...

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Reduces Mental Health Risks

Decrease anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and behaviors, self-harm, school shootings...


Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, Behaviorist, Trauma Specialist & Prior School Director

"Children struggle every day with something. Sometimes those problems are minor but many times, children feel the burden of their problems. Even children with good support find it hard to talk about their issues and cope in healthy ways. We see kids shutting down, acting out and worsening the situation. Worse, we see kids hurting themselves, hurting others, and wanting to die, kill or do something drastic because things go unresolved.

What if we taught them how to think, gave them a platform for sharing their experiences, normalized the language and created a healthy space for coping effectively? Kids would be able to handle every day social issues, online problems, school and learning issues, family and relationship conflict, body image worries and more given the space, the self-awareness, the tools and language. All in advance!

Once children have a platform for understanding their minds and other's minds, they don't feel so alone when something happens. They don't feel the need to lash out, retaliate, or hide. They learn to have an inner voice that stands up for them and relaxes them and an outer voices that stands up for others and expresses themselves. We can teach the one thing that stands in our way of achieving our potential by teaching mental health to kids at a young age at home, in school and through counseling centers.

Give kids the gift of a mentally healthy mind for good decisions, a strong self-esteem, and resilience for all the roadblocks to come that won't stand in their way!"


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What we deliver


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Easy To Implement

No-Prep lessons equipped with a video tutorial, tools & a guide.

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Trauma Informed

Built from a deep understanding of trauma to support each lessons.

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Measurable Results

Data informs our lessons, user experience and outcomes.

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Culturally Competent

This program is driven by culturally competent and informed practices.

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Systemically Designed

Progressive lessons building from strengths to resilience.

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Evidence Based Practices

Lessons are designed using best practices and the latest research.

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We have the unique ability to shape lives, not just through teaching academics but as a promoter of mental wellness guide to help children express and regulate their deep emotions to cope with the every-day-stressors they experience. They cannot reach their potential if their emotional health is compromised. Prevent the future 1 in 5 to experience mental illness and avoid school shooting, suicide, drop-out, drug addiction, incarceration and prevent poor coping, dysregulation, anxiety and depression from crippling their futures. Add to your toolbox an invaluable addition of emotional health learning without the discomfort and prep work.

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